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The Journal
of the RASC

Journal of the RASC
The Journal of the RASC is the Society's flagship publication which celebrated its 100th year in 2007.
Published bi-monthly the Journal highlights news and research of interest to Canada's astronomical community - both amateur and professional.

Publications of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Since 1907, the RASC has published noted astronomical periodicals, references, and other materials of interest to astronomers. The world-renowned Observer's Handbook, now entering its 104th year, is an invaluable desk-side or scope-side aid to both professional and amateur astronomers.

The Journal of the RASC has been published for more than 100 years with many recent improvements that make it more relevant to its readers.

2012 Observer's Handbook

2012 Observer's Handbook

Published continuously since 1907, the RASC Observer's Handbook is a unique annual compendium of astronomical information and highlights for the coming year. Rigourously researched and developed for advanced amateurs and professionals, the Handbook is a must-have resource. Peter Calamai, a science columnist of the Toronto Star, features the 2009 Observer's Handbook in his 2008 November 23 column. He describes it with words like "Celestial Success," "bestseller," "indispensable," and "no other guide is as comprehensive but accessible."

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Note: most earlier editions including 2012 are available - contact the national office.


2012 Observer's Calendar

The award-winning RASC Observer's Calendar is back for 2012! Featuring 12 spectacular astro-images taken by amateur astronomers, along with unequalled astronomical information, including lunar phases and librations, sunrise and sunset times, astronomical events such as meteor showers, occultations, and much, much more! Makes an outstanding gift.

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Beginner's Observing Guide 

Beginners Observing Guide

Now in its sixth edition, The Beginner's Observing Guide as an introductory book introduces the beginner to the pleasures of visual astronomy, while explaining a wide range of astronomical phenomena and conventions. 

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Skyways /
Explorons l'astronomie 


Skyways, the RASC's Astronomy Handbook for Teachers was written specifically for Canadian educators and meets the astronomy learning outcomes outlined in the Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes (the "Pan-Canadian Protocol"). The book contains instructions for hands-on activities on a wide-range of topics including Seasons, Stars, and the Solar System.

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Looking Up: A History of the RASC

Looking Up

Looking Up is a masterpiece of research covering our entire nationwide organization, since its founding in 1868. Prepared for the Society's Centenary in 1990. 

Unfortunately this publication is out of print, however it has been digitized and is available on-line.


You can order most RASC publications online at our eStore or print our the the flyer or order form, fill it out and mail it in.